No Way Out Lyrics

Stan Meissner

I don't know why
Things worked out this way without you
I can't deny
I never saw the cracks before our dreams fell through
Your voice still echoes down my hall
But I don't hear it at all

My heart just pounds inside this room
Night calls outside my door
But I'm climbin these walls for you

I don't understand it
But I'm so locked up in these doubts
Looks like there's no way out

Last night it rained
I thought about the times when we were just p***s in the game
And then you caught the bus to this hurricane
Now I don't even know what's right
We just wound up too tight

My dreams keep flying across this room
As I try to understand
How we ended up breaking in two

Now we're through compromising
But I'm still locked inside these doubts
Looks like there's no way out
No way out, No way out, No way out

And when you come knocking on my door
My heart won't live there no more

I'm still here playin' this game for fools
But I know I'll never win
When you're always changing the rules

It feels so never ending
When I'm lost in what it's all about
Looks like there's no way out

©1992 Warner-Chappell/Meissongs Music SOCAN
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