Hold Me Now Lyrics

You push away my hand
You turn on and tell me that one day
I will understand
And I will thank you, oh baby
I wanna sleep tonight
Oh Can't you hold me cuz I am ackin'
And I am too weak to fight
And I feel.. I am going crazy
Now I hear you're saying goodbye
And I am broken baby
Cuz I know I've got to survive
On my own
Now I have loved you most of my life
More than anybody
Can't you hold me now
It's just to say goodbye, baby
I feel a chill inside
And this ........ sadness surrounds me
Without you by my side
A black shadow surrounds me
This was meant to be
I've cried it all
And now I am empty
I am loosing sanity
If you're gone ..
So who will save me?..
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Born to Be Free (2003)
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