Catalysmic Outburst Lyrics

Faster than a gasp of fear flowing
Through my train of thought
Insatiable l*** for widespread decimation
Bloodbath of insanity, ruler of the wasteland
Intent to force mankind into killing it's own
Into total extinction....
Homicidal violence of an undetermined nature
Driven by an all-consuming force
Enough to carpet the earth with, as always,
There are "truths" but no one truth
Seek the answers but to no avail
Conquer and divide....

I am the ruler of this desolate wasteland
Reaping more than you will ever sow
Followers are pleading
To put an end to the oppression
War and pain, revolt
Necessities in a plan to bring
Forth world downfall...
Recognition of torment life's
Perfect moments past
Holder of the key to everyone's destination
Enveloped by indifferences or
Engrossed in endless contrast
Stick to your standpoints but it matters not
Millions will still die....
I'm the marauder, I am the ominous figure
To raze the environment
For my own personal gain
I show no signs of shame
Wealth and power is all that I strive for
Watch in horror as authority slips away
Infamy is ll that I stand for
I sense the world is coming to an end....
Coming to a close....
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