The Best Way to Kill Lyrics

Dishonesty breeds like poison in an unhealed wound
Multiply tell a little lie
To pull the wool
Over God's little eye
Before he makes up his mind
And that wouldn't do
Life is one long play for today
The one that uses all the four-letter words
The one that everybody pretends
They've never never heard
Oh yeah

And it gets in my skin
And I find myself fitting a form
That is worn like a badge on a blazer at school
Tear it off rip it up
Stick your two fingers up at the world
And the lying little worms
That would take you for a fool
For your life has to be this way
And you can't say this
And you can't watch that
It'll darken your mind little child
A moral straight-jacket to stop you running completely wild
Oh yeah

And it's nice when being yourself behind a locked door
Talk in whispers when you're scared out of your mind
By the law
Who leave no bruises but the ones in your heart
And they're the ones that really hurt
[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
The debate of the day, win a long holiday
You at home can decide what would be the best way to kill
The best way to kill
And you don't stand a chance in hell
But you go down fighting to the sound of the bell
Losers all in the eyes of the men with the pens
But winners all in the end
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