Witness the Strength Lyrics

AS the rhyme design
Finds it's way into your mind
I'll recline
While you soak up
The next line
Lyrical son
Loaded gun
Knocking out teeth
You got beef
Come & get some
You gotta have it
You got nothing in the attic
My rhyme is like an UZI
On automatic
Power Lord
Voice cuts like a sword
Black Knight
Ruler of the h***d
Crowd roars
As I take my place
Attitude rude dude
Like Scarface
Stiff as a lizzard
Rids so cool
What is it a blizzard
Live in action blown like a cyclone
Full grown
Lyrical AI Capone
rhyme machine gun
Mother's only son
With suckers on the run
winner going on
Durron is strong
Beat the opposition down
Like a ball in ping pong
Rookie Yo, Yo
No I'm not that
I was playing the back
And being held back long
I knew it's wrong
Now crushing sucker ducks like King Kong
I am
On a roll
On and on
Blew up on the scene
Like a time bomb
Rhyme psyco
I go on a solo
Name's Turbo
Watch my status grow
Bloom SNAP consume
Fell to his doom
Fresh kid
Rockin' with flavour chocolate
Check out how I rock it
Stand alone alone I stand
Burn like Napalm
At the mic stand
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