Fistful of Dollars Lyrics

You wanna dream, son
Well I can make you one
I'll take you higher than you ever thought you'd go
Yes, I can make you
And I can break you
I make the rules, you pay your dues
And don't forget it, son
You'll be a big shot
I'll make you so hot
You'll rise so fast your feet won't ever touch the ground
Be the main man, centre attraction
Number one I see it's done
The greatest thing around
Here's a man with a fistful of dollars in his hand
Telling me just what I gotta sing
But he don't understand I just can't think like the man
I don't wanna be a puppet on a string
No puppet on a string

So here's the rules boy, you'll be my toy
You'll be style, be the fashion, be the trend
I'll take you so far, you'll be a big star
You pay your dues, forget the rules cause they were made to bend
Yes, you'll be so big 'cause I can fix it
I can make you everything you wanna be
You'll be the news boy, teenagers' new toy
A private jet, you'll be the set
Leave everything to me


Here's a man with a fistful of dollars in his hand...
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