Be My Lover Lyrics

You're around and I feel my heart
This could be a brand new start

Pictures clear in my fantasy
And I have to find the key
How to get you by my side
Let me try
See my arms are open wide
Don't be shy


Be my lover - be my girl tonight
And from now on I will hold you tight

I'm the kind of boy who's longing
For romantic love affairs
For a neverending story
That is leading anywhere

Wondering how to make you mine
'Cause you really chill my spine
Oh these eyes full of mystery
Maybe you're my destiny

How to get you by my side
Let me try
See my arms are open wide
Don't be shy

One More Night

Komposition: Martin Tychsen
Text: Martin Tychsen
Verlag: Dusty Music Publishing

Love is all we used to do
Love meant life to me and you
How I miss you - can't forget
That love we had

More and more I don't know
How could I let you go
Now it's time just to find
It's more than a feeling!

One more night on the dark side,
One more night in the falling rain
One more time that I'm crying
How could it be that you're so in vain

Don't take my breath away
Strange what I feel
One more night that you leave me
One more night in the falling rain
Let's break the chain

Something's going on with you
I still can't believe it's true
Now your heart is cold as ice
You told me lies

More and more I'm secure
You're playing an evil game
Fall in love that's enough
Let out all your feeling!
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