J'adore hardcore Lyrics

(J'adore Hardcore)

I like the way it's hard
I love the way it's loud
Noone understands what the f*** I am about
Just step into the place
And hear what I say
I spit with the lyric no time for delay
Slam rock with the jungle man to man
With the jam
You know who I am
When me come me coming rough
You know how to pop
Be there
I drop the video rap

(J'adore Hardcore)
(J'adore Hardcore)
For sure I got my clan
To really give a d***
On my own mission
I fight like a man
Doin' it for myself
Not for the industry
Check for the rhythm
And through the mic

Slam rock with the jungle hand to hand
Hummin' a b**
'Cause I got the jam
When me come me coming rough
I got the stop
Be there (I am!)
Let's shuffle in the air
(J'adore Hardcore)

Raise your hands up to the roof
Raise your hands up in the air

And again

Posse, respect to ya
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