Pros and Cons Lyrics

breathe for a second
think it through
is it really what you wanna do
i hate you
wake up concentrate speed
up your train of thought
begin to reason given the pros and cons
do you really wanna pull
out the guns?
i hate you
i hate you

let others guide you
feel the flow of adrenaline
become like everyone else
your fist has got an itch it makes your every nerve
twitch lose all self control
beat the f****** c*** out of anyone
who stands in your way

i hate you and then you´ll know i feel
i hate you and feel the change within
come on
help me to feel this way
it doesnt matter what you say
i just dont wanna feel this way

sometimes you just have to make a choice
let the people hear your voice
make a f****** choice

i hate you
just dont say another word
i cant forget the way i feel
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