Ritual Dementia Lyrics

Listen My Name,
Upon The Altars This Are my Words,
Kill Me Again,
This is Forever There's no End
Burning my Flesh,
Rituals And Sorrows Raising Again
Here is My Blood,
Nothing Is True Everething is False!.
Leviathan! Let us Create Our World,
Tyrants! Subjets the Earth,
Threshold! Collapsing all our Thoughts,
b******s! Attack Without Control,
Bloodshed Savior The end of The Words,
Mind is Your Traitor, Ritual And Sorrow,
Breaks Your Life and Condemned Your Soul,
The Hate that You Know Arise and Rot.
Endure The RApture with Mighty Weakness,
Bloodshed Savior with Rebels Force.

High power Traditions,
Complement of a Sick Perdition,
Defiant Possessed dominated by Flesh,
Your Savior and Your Prayers,
Emptiness that You Create,
Your Weakness and Beliefs,
Bitterness mind Disease,
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