Wake Me Up Lyrics

Verse 1:
There"s a woman walking down the sidewalk
With her broke heart on her sleeve
Passing by a man singing a sad song about the way things used to be
And they hang their heads
Like their souls they"ve both been sleeping
And they raise their hands singing
Wake me up
Cause I"m so thirsty for your love
And I"m done holding things that don"t last,
Pain from my past
I"m coming out to the sun
Oh wake me up
Verse 2:
Are we sleeping in the middle of daylight
Is a heartlight flickering
Cause we were made for something more than this life
And the trouble that it brings
So don"t hang your head
Cause joy comes in the morning
When we raise our hands singing

Come wake me up
Wake me up
To the tired and weary souls
When the darkness hides your hope
Wake me up

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