Cry Baby Cry Lyrics

there´s always something about you, always something wrong
you´re taking solos when it´s not your song
don´t have to tell me ´bout your fever ´cause i already know
i know before we even say hello
but now it´s the real deal
no ones gonna pitty you know
so come on, just let it in- let it out

cry baby cry, i don´t need to know why
so get out of my sight, and let me get on with my life
so what´s the story today, is it a broken nail?
or is it just your lack´of sleep again?
an ugly spot on your face
or is it just a bad-hair-day
or did you drain your c-c-creditcard?

it´s always one thing or the other
why should i even bother?!
turn it the other way around
get your feet back on the ground
just let me get on whith my life.....
stop! take a look in the mirror
is it really that bad?
or could you just let it go!
time to be a big girl....
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