King for a Day Lyrics

I see
Your power's growing stronger
You can't enjoy it longer
Go take another swing
Your lies
Might be a great Improvement
Of a silly, pointless movement
That doesn't mean a thing

A dog behind the fence
No pride no common sense
Regardless any hype
A simple, ruthless kind
Knowing that he'll be gone overnight

You had your feelings padded
And getting better at it
Well, colour me impressed
Your heart is turning meaner Colder
As you are growing older
Now back in line with the rest
Of you some empty shells
The kind of garbage hell's waiting for
No conscious no remorse
It can't get any worse anymore

Life is cruel: go on rule
Such a fool you're a king for a day
Time will come, you'll be gone
Everyone, Every king for a day
You can run, you can hide
Never mind you're a king for a day
Here's the end and it's fair
Cuz you were just a king for a day
Take a closer look around
Life's already wasted
Ask yourself do you believe
That someone can replace it?
Do you really think it all will go away
In a single day
A single b***** day?

"why?" what goes round comes around
Lose your head and lose your crown
Now you're going down
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