Mastermind Lyrics

It all came down to that one night in question
Intentionally I believe my demise
Was my own stupid invention
With wide open eyes I said goodbye to the guys
And set sail for my destruction
I was functioning then as I'm functioning now
Way below my potential
Scared out of my mind
Going inside without too much hesitation
Rendered defenseless at the slightest hint of suggestion
I'm petrified and I'm f***** if I do and I'm f***** if I don't
Except to feed and kiss the feet of oblivion
I've waited for too long for something wrong
Somewhat expectantly

And I told myself lies if I'm lying around
And it don't trickle down in the same direction
I was reckless to dissolve at your resolve
To make an object of attraction
But dissatisfaction pushed me over a cliff edge
And there will be no cold retraction
But I crossed the room with every knowledge of your cold
But I hope that I could make a spun without it catching up on
I hope
With your master plan
I'll be putty in your hands
You're the mastermind

I will float down river
It's a foregone conclusion
I will be delivered
Straight into your hands
For you to have your way
Easy come and go
Easily ever straight
It's too easy
Say it, say it
It's just like taking candy from a baby
I'm easy
Go on say it
Put my hand
Right into the mouth of danger
Baby I'm ready to give in to the night
It's in the liquid that we take to elevate
Are you coming to find me or waiting up till I'm dead?
The kindness kills, an act of will but we always fall in line
Don't hesitate to make you perjure what you say
There is no mastermind
There is no mastermind
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