Today Sell Out Tomorrow Superstar Lyrics

Lyric: (oki tulang & ucay)

Why can't I be a superstar?
For some reason I was attended to be like them yeah...
And when I wish upon the stars...
They even can't grants me a single thing on my wish list!
And so I change, the way I look so up to date
So g****** cool, and so I change the way I think
Success and win! Coz I've got everything what I want, and I always dream it on...
I said,..
Hey! I'm ready to be a superstar!
Why not? If a chance comes to me...
Hey! I'm ready to be a superstar!
So I can have my own credit cards!

Wishing my "Limo" picks me up!
And the bodyguards accompany me through the red carpet
So many blitz from camera, so I use my "ray ban" and keep my smilling up to them...

And in my show, the tickets always in sold out!
They dance and scream, they cryin' when call up my name
I feel so fine, coz I've got everything that what I want and I always dream it on...
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