She's My Cheerleader Lyrics

Lyric: (ucay)

I never missed to watch her team
Can't hardly wait to see her pretty face anyway...
He she comes out with yell and scream
She makes this grey day goes sunny day, well, well, well... she's throwin' smile to everyone
She moves her body likes bugs bunny, owh she's so fine..
And when I make a sign to her, she blinks her eye owyeah...
And you know it makes this world so fun!
What can I do to goin' through?
Is this the boring part for the brokenhearted anyway
What can I say to make her stay?
She always left me just like her toy, well, well, well...

Saturday night, I always call her to hang out
She said: "I'm busy with my job so leave me out!"
That's okay with me I don't mean to keep you in my way...
But you know she's hang out with her "boss"

She's my cheerleader and she's got a lot of fans
How lucky I am, coz you know she's my girlfriend
But when I hold her hand, she's never hold it back
Don't wanna feel this pain, but she's never understand
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