My Sweater Gets Wet Lyrics

Pollution, no solution
The government just make it worse
My city, so pretty,
but what the f*** they doin with the trees?
My Sweater gets wet and i hate it
There's the only forest
but ehy they cut it
Everyday i feel so hot and frustrated
I think nobody excused to
what they did for a while...

(I can't imagine why it must happen like this?)For the thing i've got to know about
Everyday just seem like yesterday
And when everyone's care is everywhere
The government seems so far away
So what the hell we're doin here
and just wasting time?
Coz they never listen up...Huh!
I never thought that i'd feel
this way for a while

I've got to change my world
Like this!
Ragga: You can scream it out loud, when what all they did was not alright
Stick together like a team,
c'mon act like your face in
the very big white screen
For all the the grey colour in the sky,
this flower city should not have to cryDont
let they use the "power" to cut the trees, or we're gonna livin'inThe dirty air for a long long long time
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