Hybrid Times Lyrics

Come to me now
I will host you
I'm the alchemist of our times
I know exactly what you need
You've climbed so high
You've gone so far
So you deserve something special
Come to me now
I will cure your soul
I'm the savior of our times
I know exactly what it needs
You've let yourself go
You've felt so down
So my hi-tech salvation is just for you


To be the best
The most beautiful
And above everyone
Not allow oneself to be left behind
Know what is in what and what is out
Aim for excellence
And perfection you can only dream about...
Go Go Go!!!

Before my fame evaporates
I must be at the top
So I control my body
Mental state
Unable to slow down

Before the final dusk appears
I must do more than this
It's the only way to make it through
In these hyperactive times
It's my obsession!
At any cost
More and more
Can't allow myself to stop
The ice broke
I'll never give up


Hi, it has been a while since last time
I was certain I could live without
All those private talks I couldn't stand
But now
The truth is
You're the best friend I have...
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