Samurai Spirit Lyrics

It's time to be this, it's time to be that
Let me just become the sword between you and I
Inflexible and sharp, I will impose you my pace
Don't talk, don't talk weak, and stay at your place
It has something to do with suffering
And fear / The enemy
Oppose the weight of your resentment to these words
And you will see
Guess What? Samurai Spirit

Against your own fear / Samurai Spirit
Against your mind torments / Samurai Spirit
Against life attacks / Samurai Spirit
Against brain harassment / Samurai Spirit
The heart of the trouble, cement of the mind
This is my best weapon between you and I
Legacy of hate, reign of snakes
I must ward off this mad dance, making no mistakes
Find the target, forget the goal

(I've) got go search my inner self / Break the wall
Within reach of my sword they are already dead
My hardships allows me to chop off their heads
Guess What? Samurai Spirit

Takezo's path
The orphan's Revenge, nature protect me
Mind is my friend and my body a tree
They try to avenge, one school against me
Life is a weapon for who wants to "be"

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