White House Lyrics

Let me think back to 96'
When b***ie had the realist n**** feelin like a b****
They go for twenty hours gettin em for the seventeen
A lil G look at me I was seventeen
Born on the side of town where dem killas riden round
Pull up on the block wit a glock go on tie it down
Pistol in his pants and he stand like f*** YOU
I'm from the other side where we ride like a bus do
36 oz's got me ridin lexus
chevy at the crib get the weed shipped from Texas
Dade County D Boy deals on the yayo
Triple C the mafia they kill when I say so
Before I wrote a song I could protozone
I had to feed my self cuz b**** i was on my own
Now i push s*** bigger than the president
Im at the whitehouse known as my residence

I'm in the whitehouse(house) (x2)
I call the shots i can get yo a** wiped out
We in the whitehouse(house) (x2)
Big phantom on the lawn gettin wiped down
I'm in the whitehouse(house) (x2)
I got a hundred of dem thangs n**** right now
We in the whitehouse(house) (x2)
I got them hoes gettin on blow right now
I dont f*** with p**** n*****
Took my s*** to jiggaman
I ent to Manhattan and came home a young millionaire
Money on my mind im a trill n**** anyway
I'll slap a p**** a** n**** down for anything
m********* the other side p**** n***** bleed pink
Dats my opinion wanna know what the choppa think(huh)
You know i let them thangs boy im a head bussa
m********* the music n**** where ya real muscle
Im in the whitehouse(house) (x2)
I put a hit on them n***** they gettin wiped out
They gettin wiped out and not one at a time
Car full of dead black males read the headline

I'm the fruit of the loom I be flyin in lears(lears)
Give me food and i boom supplyin for years(years)
I'm on top of the world I'm gettin money
grand in a day easy im gettin money
pull up real slow i let the haters watch(watch)
out of state plates they in a state of shock
you n***** go and fish i got a plate to shock
you better play your part we ain't gotta play a part
Got a AK that'll tear ya whole date apart
That stick ah make em sick like a St. Bernard
I'm in the whitehouse time to close shop
Inventory wiped out boy that was 30 blocks
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