Silk Road Lyrics

Let's dodge rain drops
Follow me
[Verse 1]
They say I always left a paper trail
Duffle bag in the attic, now how that paper smell (wooh)
And I musta left it there for several years
In case of emergencies, go get a set of wheels
Burning tobacco with my ancestors
Learning lessons on my transgressions
Accepting that street n***** we live by different rules
Pill poppin' everyday I'm in a different mood
They scream our names since we walk the halls (Boss)
With everything to gain only fear Allah
Full metal jacket still the wardrobe
Never waste a prayer for peace in a warzone
Pray to keep the lights on your porch on
Even better pray I get to see my boy grow
Before Instagram we did it up in the ozone
Only n**** still killing never told on

[Verse 2]
Let's go deep into my cold mind
First and one I got it on the goal line
Fully automatic weapons for my O-line
Wanna buy the team they say I need a cosign
I got a beacon jumping out the gym
My new freak she Puerto Rican trying to reel me in
Hit the homey from the hood I told him fill me in
On top of that he said he good I told him bring me 10
Gentrification across the barren land
I thought the goal was get rich be a married man
Never question my vision I seen atrocities
But I also see profit on selling properties
Still rising enterprising young entrepreneur
Ostentatious globe-trotting out with Lira Galore (Young Coco)
Six mill I'm born I told them they can keep the change
Pick me up in that new 'rrari swerving lane to lane
[Verse 3]
n**** close but it's no cigar
So it better be that Ghost or that double R
My alma mater is serving fed time
See the streets before god cut off his deadline
Damaged yard so tomorrow grows the prominence
b****** case you can see that was some common sense
I entertain n***** under poverty lines
So I paint these pretty pictures as part of my rhymes
Crack spots block to block I've been a benefactor
I don't think you understand the type of chips I'm after
Corporations but they run them like their small time
We never see eye to eye if you have a soft side
I told you p**** n***** let the lions in
I told these p**** n***** let the lions in
Your record labels left with rigor mortis
I just closed another deal worth another 40
(I just closed another deal worth another 40)
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