All I Really Want Lyrics

All I want

Every time I call she just come
Cuz every time I call she get to c**
d*** I'm in love again look what this s*** done
When I used to keep a roll of dem b****** like which one (one one)
(its the boss)

(radio killaaaaa)

Its not a dream baby

(radio killa killa killa)

Or is it a dream

She graduated from the school of arts
Now she swimmin in a pool of sharks
Roughest n***** with the coolest cars
Sophmore year had a 1st minaj
Better dc like go barrack
Girl drunk it like a fiji and she blowed my socks
Every night she comin thru for me to f*** that
Found out she had a man I holla f*** that
Better give dat boy a bus pass
I see no competition baby girl a must have
My letters hinted on my mustache
The remy never did or did he get make a bus pass
Good d*** may a chick wanna cut class
The way I'm knockin on the door they call it trespass
She my dime not the one I wanna curse at
Lookin fine real diamonds on a cutglass
People call you blind (people call you blind)
But all you need is me girl (all you need is me girl)
Your all thats I'm my mind (oooo yeaahhh)
All you need is me girlllllll

All a n**** really want is you
All a n**** want is you [x4]

Who can hit it more faster
Im talkin authentic o******
Film that play it on a big plasma
Back to work juss a little bit faster
She say life is a journey
I need mine juss like my atourney
I get sued like a n**** switch shoes
Long money but he gotta a quick fuse
Ride slow but I'm in a quick car
Pause for a minute paint em' in a picture
Baby girl my money good
Who turned her on a n**** least kirk wood
Time to give that boy a bus pass
I see no competition girl a must have
She shines like a diamond
Motivation for morinin


Swade pea coat with the gucci trim
Knew it was him by the gucci brim
We gotta do it B I G
I'm tryna hit the lottery in V I P
Green leafs in my shot glass
All night soul team had cirrock add
Aint nothin you can tell me
I'm on them hills like I'm jonathan kelsy
Told her friends that she felt me
We mad love thru the love hate lp
You my josephene baker
May need morphene the deeper that I take her
I'm a back breaker another text bracket
Benz maybach her
Green bay packa
My life a movie so tonight thats where to jack her


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