Fool on the Street Lyrics

love, came quite by surprise
hit me right between my eyes
and made me realize
you and I,
we were born right from the streets
we both know how to stay alive
we both know how to shuck and jive
didnt we baby

such a cold blow when you tried to tear my po heart down

I was man enuff to stand my ground
even tho you didnt want me around
I was a fool baby

now you come right back on the scene
tryna run that same game on me
by playin with my heart
leaving me torn apart
you can't no more my baby
I wont be fooled no more(2)
I was a fool baby
but I wont be fooled no more
love, the day you walked on me i died
for days I sat around and cried
I even thought of taking my life
I was a fool baby
as time went on,
I grew stronger within myself
I wrote a song and changed my name
from the streets I went to wealth and fame, ah yeah

now this fool on the streets
that you knew and loved a long time ago
he's died and he's changed his name
from the street I went to wealth and fame...and he doesn't know yo face

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