1, 2, 3 (You Her and Me) Lyrics

You, Her and Me (2x)

[​1, 2, 3]
You, Her and Me
​[​1, 2, 3]
You, Her and Me

​What's the matter baby?
Don't look so surprised
​Forget your rules and regulations, yeah
​[Forget about your s**ual regulations]

​You can see I wan't her
​I won't apologize
​So tell me true
​What shall we do, girls?
[​What shall we do?]

[​1, 2, 3]
We could be together,
​The three of us forever!
[​1, 2, 3]
My love for you is so strong,
​My love for her is unwrong!
​[​1, 2, 3]
​It's got to be!
​It's got to be, yeah!
[​1, 2, 3]
​What you feel is real real,
​Let's get on with this deal

Bab​y it's no secret,
​What I want to do
My heart is torn
​Between the two of you
​​[I want to share my love with you together]
​​She is my lead girl
Baby so are you
​So tell me girls,
​What shall we do?

[​1, 2, 3]
​1 is a lonely number
​[​1, 2, 3]
​Two is just as lonely
​When the one you love ​is gone
[​1, 2, 3]
​Three is free for alimony
​Doing ... in harmony
[​1, 2, 3]
​Ménage à trois, The fantasy
Is now becoming reality
​​[Ooooooooh] (4x)
​You her and me (4x)

​I love you and she loves me
​We can be together, 1 2 3
​Voulez-vous coucher avec moi
​ce sua Mademoiselle​
​Ménage à trois
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