To My Senses Lyrics

Well, its cold here in the quiet
Drowning in the silence
Of everythign I wish we used to be
So many chances wasted
And kisses left untasted
So much that still burns inside of me
I kept reaching out, only to be shut down
But now the truth is giving me away

I've been running, yeah, Ive been running
But now im coming to my senses

I am humble by your splendor
Awash in sweet surrender
A thousand miles beyond the road to gone
Well, im tired of being lonely
And you're longing to show me
All that I've been missing much too long
And like a warm and tender wind,
Im spellbound as I breathe you in
And I know that you can see

You and I could spend forever
Making up for time together

Pull me in and dont you fight it
You and I, yeah , we're both inside it

Make my broken heart reborn
Take me over like a raging storm

Say goodbye, time to surrender
Follow me to the edge of forever
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