Wrong Way Lyrics

Waitress, can I get a vodka martini with a twist of Sublime
Thank you

Annie's 12 years old
In two more she'll be a w****
Nobody ever told her it's the wrong way
Don't be afraid with the quickness you get laid
For your family, get paid
It's the wrong way

A cigarette pressed between her lips
But I'm staring at her t***
It's the wrong way
Strong if I can, but I am only a man
So I take her to the can
It's the wrong way

The only family that she's ever had
Was her seven h**** brothers and a drunk-a** dad

Happy, are you sad, do you wanna kill your dad
I'll do anything I can
It's the wrong way
We talked all night, tried to make it right
Believe me, s*** was tight
It was
The wrong way
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