Brass Monkey Lyrics

Brass Monkey - that funky Monkey
Brass Monkey - junkie
That funky Monkey
(repeat chorus)

Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky
Me and the crew - we're drinking Brass Monkey
This girl walked by - she gave me the eye
I reached in the locker - grabbed the Spanish Fly
I put it with the Monkey - mixed it in the cup
Went over to the girl, "Yo baby, what's up?"
I offered her a sip - the girl she gave me lip
It did begin the stuff wore in and now she's on my tip
(repeat chorus)

You got a dry Martini - thinking you're cool
I'll take your place at the bar - Smack you off your stool
Monkey and parties and reelin' and rockin'
Def, def - girls - all y'all jockin'
I drink it - I think it - I see it - I be it
I love Brass Monkey but I won't give D. it
We got the bottle - you got the cup
Come on everybody let's get ffffff
(repeat chorus)<
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