Whither Vulcan Lyrics

We took you down there
to relapse in the sand,
and we walked out in the open
resolved to being seen.
It was summer in the kitchen
so we stretched out in the grass.
While the ones who came before us
refused to let us pass.

The vulcan rots with liquor shots
now he falls out in the room.


The sun breaks over us.
The sun takes over us.
The sun looks over us.
There's nothing to keep us tied here now.

So I stay down where you are.

So when I found you,
you'd learned to see it new.
We went driving through the capitol
in our bathrobes and our shoes.
The alarms had all gone crazy
with the hungers of the street,
so we loaded up on spirits
to disfigure our defeat.

Standing in line with the science of mind,
my mind was preparing to leap.

Repeat chorus
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Villa Elaine (1998)