Can You Feel It? Lyrics

Can you feel it
This is mad stuntman pon your case
Wicked everytime
right (laugh)
So all rude boys and rude girls
Feel the rhythm and feel the vibe
here me now

Watch the D.J.
Him a mix like a blender
Mix like a what? Mix like a blender
Pon the dance flor
everybody in a merger
With a good feel
with a good what?
Music feel nice
it's getting hotter
Hotter than ever
hotter than pleasure
Hotter than lovers
hotter than what?
Hotter than bread
hotter than b***er
Hotter than women shaking rumpshaker
From left to right shaking like thunder
From right to left taking you under

Can you feel it
can you feel it
Can you feel it
(Ohh) it feel so nice
(Ohh) it feel so right
(Ohh) so feel it don't fight

Can you feel it

Music it hot
it hot like fire
Hotter than hot
like boiling water
People dem a gallop and a dance in a fever
Fell de bass comin outta de speaker
Man and woman them a dance all over
All over everybodys in a tempa
Cause de speaker
and de mixer
De turntable and de echo chamba
Pump it all up!
Everybody in a pressure
It hot! It hot! It hot!
While ya bounce in a tempa
Watch your girlfriend
watch your partner
Dem a dance in a fever

Jump up
jump up!
Cause de place a turnover
Jump up
jump up!
Cause de place on fire
Jump up
jump up!
It you wanna be my lover
Jump up
jump up!
If you wanna get higher

Can you feel it
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