Invasion Lyrics

Man from the planet of "No Respect"
He's about to land into your lives!
This is no commercial, This is not a test,
It's real...Invasion!
Man from the planet of "No Respect"
It's true...Invasion!

He's taken on the form of a good looking man
He wants to infiltrate every woman that he can

Invasion! Invasion!, ooh
Invasion! Invasion!

He's looks just as he feels,
Like the man of your dreams...Invasion!
Don't be deceived,
He's nothin' but a cold machine...Invasion!

He's already programmed, So don't be just like the rest,
His mission...Invasion!
So hold on to your honor baby, Hold on to your dress
I'm falling...Invasion!
Ooh, Invasion!
Trying to infiltrate every woman he can, Invasion!
Ooh, Invasion!

Where did you say you were from?
Ah, just a little small town you never heard of it..
Yes, I live a long ways from here

Everything he stands for is morally illegal
Wanting to invade you just to try his ego
No heart nor self emotions, No respect,
He don't care for no one, All he wants is s**

Invasion! ooh
He's hoping to arrive on this relationship,
It's true...Invasion!
Once you go on board, you're in for a trip,
A real trip...Invasion!

He'll try to comfort you, Then he'll try to steal your head
Once you're into s***e, He'll trick you into bed

Listen to your heart,
He's trying to fill the void...Invasion!
Cause once he infiltrates,
You whole world will be destroyed...Invasion!

Invasion! Invasion!

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