Totia Manmotia Lyrics

sun totia manmotia (listen my dear parrot)
ve tu us gali te na ja (dont go that way)
uthe rehnde ne jat bhairhe (bad jats stay there)
o lainde fahia pa (they
uthon utth gya din chana (the day is no longer there)
uthey aai heneri rainh (dark night has descended)
uthe sabhna paye gatre
uthey sabnha veechee bhain

sun totia man motia (listen my dear tota)
mainoo vaj na pichon mar (dont call me from behind)
ni main chalia apne thaa (i am going to my own place)

nera athna malia varian
mainoo dita des nikal (i have been ousted from the country)
bin dana pani jee lavan (i can survive without food and water)
vin anhakh main jee na sakan (but cant live without my dignity)
ni main jana othey (i want to go there)
main jana othey (i will go there)

tothe khendi zakhmi tot nu (parakeet says to the wounded parrot)
kyon na mario meri baat (why dont u understand my point)
kyon tu udd aya vich variaan (why have you flown back in to the middle of it all)
kyon tu aya hon halaak (why have you come to get slaughtered)
tota khenda mera bachrha (parrot says "my son")
ni tu rakhin us nu sambhai (you keep him safe)
ni tu dassin us jo beetia (you tell him what has happened)
aape lau o mera hisaab (he will evaluate me himself)

toti khendi pehlan khasam gaya (parakeet says that foirst my husbnand left)
hun putt vi vi devan la (now i have to give my son too)
ithey mavan de naseeb ch ai ki likhia tu ve rabba (what have you written in Mothers' destiny here)

bhai javan ethon (i will go from here)
chali jaavan ethon ( will go form here)
udd javan etho (will fly from here)
kithey javan etho (where to go from here)
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