Har Megiddo Lyrics

[Bomb sirens]

[Verse 1:]
The dust settles on the meadow of Megiddo
But this is what we wanted, the beast, metal mosquitoes
Fiend for needle, with two billion plus, clutching feeble
Are trying to squeeze their people through the eye of the needle
But evil evil singing, 'we don't need to see no education'
This sheep will screech and eagle missile whistles entertainment
The fall of Lucifer, who drew the b***** edict
With all the kings of this planet standing between Jerusalem and Egypt
Drooping up in armor, shoot a martyr on a question
Invest in arms and on a persona for Armageddon
On a bit farther, and marching onward toward the A-bomb
Like, 'oh my gosh, this must be heck', 'll turn your neck to napalm
The fall of our obsession for slaughter, we bought a reason
The military industrial complex that we all for feeding
Offices seat up for Har Megiddo with the season
Taught that living life in slavery's the new cause for freedom

And here come the liars
And here come the fire
And here come deceivers
And here come Messiah
And here come the army
And here come the fire
And here come the zombies
And here come Messiah
[Verse 2:]
What we dying, annihilation, child knelt to the grave
But what they sung, they lied, tongue and eyes melt in their face
The summer sun arise, [six trunk?], thunderous cries
The rumble under us, in front of us, there's guns and there's pride
Subtle disguise, mumbles "surprise!", this government lied
Crumbled, [huddled?] underground tunnels, they running to hide
But ain't no place to hide from it, under violet sky plummet
Defuming, pluming, crippling, rippling the summit
But this is what we wanted, lived our whole life for fun and
f****** and bucking for fun and drunkenness and [club?] and government
But ain't it such a wonder? Nobody seen it coming
Just thumbing their dusted number (mm) and plumbing their [gummings?]
[And working it and hard but bought it, wanted harking at nothing?]
Marketing the [love they see their cuzzes target his cousins?]
Taught 'em all: "it's nothing - king of the hill", marching in from it
The illness, Megiddo's hill the darkest sun up above it

[Verse 3:]
Like fire in the sky or red tide on the water
But those who breathing and still seen it can't rise from the slaughter
We're talking all the Rider Chaos, got us buying disorder
And brought us brother vs. father, got us mother vs. daughter
And all of us all, but listen: the mission got up on us
But don't we burn good? - Chernobyl, like wormwood on the waters
It's urgent we learned discernment 'tween the serpents and majesty
Our people swerved Megiddo, the final evil gathering
And cattle sing a battle for peace, [it's each his theme is sleeping?]
Heaps of gravel, when it's rattling, finally ceases, it's scenic
Turn to dust, break the gnashing of teeth
Me ration a beast, the beast-culture flapping its wings
A heap of ashes in the shadows, hacking, lapping his beak
Scavengers, dry bones only, snapping, cracking in heat
Ashes to ashes and [heed the master, bleed to breed the gasses?]
Breathe, relieve disaster, masses need more masters

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