Agape Rain Lyrics

Forecast say expect slight traces of rain and thunder
But my vain frame named the umbrella, stay up under
My name done brought nathin but bricks turned to mud and my fame
Done laid it crooked, lookin' good at talk I wonder can a man
Remain the clay of his castle all laid of sand
And dancin mong advancin floods a rushin rustin asunder
My pride to sigh the thunders aside, the commin tides
Arisin tiny safe puddle stride, runnin ripple, messiah of I
Failed nailed by I, shine the jesters I'm guessin
Anesthetized eyes fummble stumble feelin for heaven
Seven senses try but fail by the fourth hail try the fort
When forth cries the breathless leapor precious nectar cries the sky
It pours when it rains, torrents torment it sings
And pangs from below and flows the buds on the trees to say a name
I can't I pray, I faint a slave, the greatest knave
To talk about myself, then walk up out this hell awake, face the rain
They sayin certain it's karma, but we done
Buried too many good folks beneath the dirt to say it's karma alone
It rains upon the wicked and unwicked the same
Makes me think we ain't the geniuses at judgin we claim
A throne, ain't it just the spring to bring agape rains
Lost the fallen just to find em got it God just sang
For all rememberin, remember this, forgot some thangs
Love is what we do in truth it's true and not just sayin
And sayin ain't it just the spring to bring agape rains
Lost the fallen just to find em got it, Yah just sang
For all rememberin a**emblies forgot some thangs
Love is what we do in truth its true and not just sayin
Forecast say expect a blood moon with quakins under
The thunder bangin pride aside upside amazin wonders
The vain say they got the umbrella, um fellas, yell the tellers
Splashed in ashes of askers and flashin cellars
Hell is fast upon us, humid, cast appaulin to humans
Ask if ya'll can truth swim the all the massive passin putrid fluid
Flowin fast, blackened c**ulus zoom in
Yah bless the spring and strings singin tunes cuein blooms in bluish
Like bruises on this ballerinas grimmish grin, dimmin plumes loomin
Weavin wicked webs in the breeze
The deep reflections it springs, piano lessons the streets
Streaked east to west in spring bleedin wet on the beast
Beleivin leapt from his sleep faced the skies rains wet on his cheek
To streak the tears away in this breeze
Can't believe it but once he sees it it settles with ease
The wildest bike on dirt and s*** to spring it pedals and leaves
It's like, ain't it just the rain to bring agape rains
Lost the fall......
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