One Life One Love Lyrics

One Life One Love
(Qpid) There's no guitar line in my headphones
(Wan) It's really low (Qpid) it's really low man
(Wan) Turn that s*** up (Qpid) Shut the f*** up I'm
recording (laugh) He's still recording (Wan) This is
some serious s*** (Qpid) uh b**Life baby yo .. yo is
this thing on ..Lets do this .. b**Life one!
Qpid Verse 1:
I'm about a get crazy/ I can't get lazy/ no matter
how long how far it can't fade me/ i dont give a f***
i still be rymin til I'm 80/ catch me in my grave and
I'll come back and start sprayin/ platinum b** is how
I'd say it if I'm famous/ try to hold me down and you
can take it up the a***/ Qwan and Jammz is right about
to get contagious/ tell me how you like it when you
hear me in the latest/ type of news about these b**s/
who lived one life one love/ lived it up never giving
a f***/ listen up/ born and raised on the westside/
now livin and sleepin to swedish clock time/ yo family
prayin to hear them world wide/ cause moms and pops
can't take this b**life/ show me love come and give me
hug a little shove yo/ can you give me one life to love!
2x Chorus:
One life one love I live my life like a b**/ I do it all
for my music/
One life one love I gotta keep on goin til that platinum

Wan verse 2:
Call me Loco cause I do this for a passion/ I got no
money and I got no mansion/ I look like a b** but lets
say it's Qwan fashion/ I got no car but I get alot of
motion/ I got no dough but I gotta stay focused/ I'm
played by the game cause that's my love potion/ (Qpid)
So love me hug me hold me I need you tell me that you
always gon be there/ (Wan) When I drop my thing I drop
it platinum b** represent for the westside love baby
Qpid verse 3:
All my b**Life Troops listen up/ line up step up move up
clear the way movin through/ skip to my lou this is how
we do when we crew/ the Qwan b**life crew here to f***
wit you so/ time to poor the city/ we ride full inning/
it's time for the b**life commitee yo!!

2x Chorus
(Qpid) ohhh westside til we/ hello is this thing on/ 1 mic
check Qwan music b**life come on yo Lets go get it baby

4x Chorus fade out......
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