Less Talk Lyrics


Less talk, less apeal, do we really have to try to live this down?
Is has anyone who lives underground?
I hope it, i think it puts us in a better town

you dance just like those older tack girls, you're all arms with legs that don't stare and i think it's pretty


has anyone been under ground?

I can't see straight, nah nah no no no doesn't feel right.
yea! right! i think i'm losing control, well just give me my cake.
Wohh ohh ohhh!
coming down.
replacing with something that's louder.

has anybody been under ground
Why can't we just run throw the stop? how come we always have to live with this stuff on?

we have been over this like a million times, OH MY GOD.

so we can get low, i got this great idea that we will put on a fastion show, shes ganna make a baby.

lets see.


has anybody been under ground?
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