Happy Now Lyrics

I'll break your legs if I find out you are f****** him
Composure balanced by the drink
A slack jaw black djin
Smiles all bent and broken
If you are f****** him
Let's drink this precious moment
We sink it in the djin

Are you happy now?

Filled with bile and bruising
Against the kitchen sink
Give me a kiss
I'll slash my wrist
We'll watch the blood run pink
All those b***erfly notions
Crash down from the sky
We'll watch her drown
Burn your house down
These stinking sheets we lie

Are you happy now?
Did you break a sweat?
Did you get wet?
Give me time to think
If you make an excuse make it obtuse
I'm hanging in the brink

Libido sucked up and spat out
Uh huh she's gone to seed
Let's set a course onto the rocks
f*** you let's live the dream
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