Lioness on the Rise Lyrics

Are you ready, are you ready? Ooooooo (4xs)

When the roll is called out, I'll be standing taller
To face the darkest and the hardest of times
We'll be taken care of, all the children thereof
But if it's required, we'll be on the front line
You can call me by my name; I am ready to roar
Once the rules remain the same
How the story's been told
Call me anytime; Never cop out
Lioness is on the rise
Don't you ever have doubts.
Never say never, we're in this forever
To fight, and be strong
Once it's for better I'll fight every letter
And moving right along;
And I'll roll with the punches
Accept changes; work with the formula, do what I have to do

And call me by my name...(Chorus)
When you are willing to serve
We have room to observe
To see if you can walk the walk you talk
Let me give you my word
My voice must be heard
Bravery is a piece of my heart

Call me by my name...(Chorus)
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