OG Bobby Johnson Lyrics

[Produced by Bobby Johnson Beats]

You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson Beat
Word on the street I'm a suspect
Hangin' with the killers in the projects
Potato on the barrel keep quiet (shh)
Catch a n**** slippin' from behind (boom)
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!

[Verse 1]
Wipe a n**** out like an outbreak
Choppa start bustin' make the house shake
f*** n***** sweeter than a pound cake
Get your eyes on your chin better watch what your mouth say
Lean with the footballs got a n**** trippin' (Xans)
f*** it, f*** it, n**** keep sippin'
Dirty AK with the beam on it
Clip so long I could lean on it
Free my n***** locked behind bars
Moved a hundred pounds before a lawyer beat the charge (beat it)
Pack touchdown run it back like Marshall Faulk
If a n**** try to rob f*** it hit em with the hawk (boom)

[Verse 2]
Hundred bands on your head get the job done
Throw it up, throw it up, n**** where ya from?
Whole hood hot cause ya n**** hittin' licks
Ain't made a mil yet but it's still n**** rich
Stick em up, stick em up, stick em (stick em up)
How ya want it n****? Full or the semi
Lurkin' for the cash, searchin' for the bag
Young n**** wildin', throwin' up flags
Shooters on the roof with a scope (boom boom)
Money make em treat ya like the pope (like a king!)
Work the block like Dikembe in the post (cook 'em up)
n**** hit it with the fork (hit it)

[Verse 3]
It's the n***** that you trust that'll prolly turn feds
Hatin' on ya heart cuz you rockin' Hermes
Especially if ya money long, guarantee you turn heads
Ray Ray'll sell it all, gotta watch the shermheads
Hate, hate, hate (hate), jealousy is a b**** n**** trait
These n***** snakes wanna know what ya make
Grimy a** ho, do ya like Larenz Tate (Caine)
Young n**** runnin' with the cannon
Never let a n**** see ya panic
Dope boys in the hood workin' with the Hispanics
On the phone with the plug, n**** speakin' Spanish

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