Repulsion Lyrics

I leave bored and you look away
You don't have to say it, that's okay
I lie flat in my soft side, you sat
You roll over and show me your back

I didn't mean to make you snore
I went out and I got a w****
I had to run when I could not c**
I bang on the drum like a dum-dum-dum

Wee w**** Winky run to the town
He can't keep it up he just lays it down
He then took a p*** behind a tree
I still made it back by a quarter to three

Awake, awake, awake
Away, away, away
I could not stop, I stay too long
I gave it a shot but I got the gong
I hit the bed and I pull up the sheets
I'm stuck in this rut in love bug bee

Awake, awake, awake
Away, away, away
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American Gong (2010)
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