It's Raining Lyrics

It's raining, It's raining.

There is nothing you can do
it doesnt only rain on you
but youre acting all upset like youre the only one who is wet.
It's raining, It's raining.

There is nothing we can do
its raining on me too
you moan and you cry
but it wont effect the sky.
Youre not a saint
youre not a savior
or a devil
its agreed
oh lucky you oh lucky me
we have more of those than we need.

And when you give me gifts and money
Im a swine before the pearl
it only serves to remind me that we are all alone in this world.
It's raining, It's raining,

And I cant tell you when the storm is gonna end
so go ahead and cry but that wont keep you dry.
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