Befriend Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Be tender, be strong
Befriend me, belong
Be gone by dusk
But just be around
Be untold, be young
Behold, be unsung
Just begin with me before you end it
My rights don't get any better
When you're wrong
Though I'm technically alone
I'll endorse you to come close
[Verse 2]
Tomorrow's, today
Too little, too late
Too slow to comfort
When I need to blush
A body of gold
Tormented and cold
I'll hold you tighter
When you're letting go

[Verse 3]
Don't have to cut me up
To get what you deserve (To get what you deserve)
For every wasted drop
An equal one returns
An equal one returns
Replacing my concerns
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Avalanche (2013)