Feelin' Lyrics

Had this good feelin' when I woke up today
like everything was cool so I went on my way

I guess I walk with a bop so then this profilin' cop
said wait a minute there yo don't tell me to stop
so this profilin' cop with his profilin' hands
figured the best that he could do was find a cat to harass

That little kitten was me, not that one in a tree
a black one with the promises that wished to be free
I mean d*** policeman can't you leave me alone

I'm a prince plus a poorper with this business i'm on

see this rackin' I'm in, needs somebody like me
all of us is concentratin' on the things that we see

how much we make, so you see it ain't great
we're not makin' this slate, cos it's juts in our fate
I refuse to get blue so just hand me that thing
yo what's happenin' today?

Yo we Gotta bring back that feelin'

what happened to that feelin?
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