All In Lyrics

"Yo. n***** be on the mic, they be all serious,
I'd love to be serious but, effortless s***.
Effortless, effortless.
Turn my music up, Duro. Yo, yo, you my hero.
Make the s*** get loud-a. Even more in my headphones loud-a.
Uh. Sweetheart, shake yo' a** cheeks.
Bust it.
We gon' knock it down and put this
Rock solid Amplified s*** up.
Girl, it's like a sit-up.
So you betta send a letta to the better.
We cut the bank and takin' all the bankin' cheddar.
Girls get pretty-ed up,
Then they comin' out the club. Rap cats, lock it up.
Worldwide vision where
Everybody sees clear.
I could get you ten here.
Uh. Makes no fuss. Keep my s*** plush.
Compliment, I get blushed. That's just how a brother is.
Big w**** kids and we really run our jibs.
Ladies, breathe easy. Let your man please thee.
Uh. Takin' rhymes to another zone.
Is your mother home? 'Cause we can get the moans,
And stay strickly on a rhythemic notion, and
Keep the joint close for the commotion and
Keep movin' around. Movie stars.
Buy a little car, buy out the bar.
[Chorus: Q-Tip (Meda Leacock)]
("All in") for the people who move wit' me.
("All in") for the nights of ecstasy.
("All in") for the way we work and play, doin' it
Everyday. This is how I need to be.
("All in") for the people who roll wit' me.
("All in") for the nights of ecstasy.
("All in") for the people who work and play, doin' it
Everyday this is how I need to be.

"Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, what?"
We do it alive, blowin' the spot of this.
Showin' to prove what rap is. ("What is it?")
Marauder, pass the blue moon.
Hit you with the ill tune.
a** cheeks move wit' the help of my jacket bloom.
Insert the veteran
Who consecutively come wit' s*** yet again.
On the dance floor, chicks get h****.
Hopin' that they all move on me.
Word, for REAL for real.
Do it hard for the love of the game.
Pull your card and I'm askin' yo' name, b****.
Jay-Dee be champion.
Tip be stylin' and definin' yo' chick, best compan-ion.
I'd advise you to fix your self, for real,
And do your s*** wit' more zeal. ("More zeal.")
We in the mix and it's thickenin',
My rhyme and it's tickin' in.
The hatin' and the s*** is so sickenin'.
Picasso, original. ("'Riginal.")
You forg-azy and the s*** amaze me.
Sharpen your contrast and put a little color in it.
High Define your screen and put this brotha in it.
[Chorus: x2]
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Amplified (1999)