Life Is Better Lyrics

Life's filled with pain
But now the clouds come in
Leaves fall away
Hip Hop is playing again
Is playing tunes
No banging for you
Don't stop this feel I feel
I just want to know that all day I feel the breeze
I'm so into your rich history
Tell me stories that take me away
Come take me (Ohhh, ohhhh)
Come take me with you

Life is, better, now that, now that I found you (repeats)

One step at a time, a man walked on the moon
One record got played, two hooks and boom
One really young man your time comes soon
We rating, it was about the size you loom
We bang our drums in the misconstrued sound
We restless and we're taking over your town
Hand second, is protecting all this vibe that I'm getting
Playlist setting:
Cold Crush, Furious Five, and a Master God
Cosmic Force Bammbaataa and every part of
Bug Starsky, June Bug, Busy Bee
Run, DJ, LL, Kane, Biz Markie
Doug E, Will, Barry B, Spoonie, Silly D
Rakim, BDP, Dana Dane, Ricky D
Leaders of the New School, Snoop Dogg, Monie Love
Big and Pac are up above
Easy E and Bone Thugs
Fat and Skinny Boys, Cash Money and the rapper Nas
Large Professor, Lauryn, Wy Clef, and Pras
Brand Nubian, Diamond D, Ludicris and Jay
RIP, MC, Common, Lil Wayne, and Yay
Primo, Outkast, where my Ni-a Dilla at
SV ... where my ni-a Dilla at
And when you look into my eyes, It makes all these feelings rise
Makes My s***e a better place, Can't you see it in my face
Life is, better, now that, now that I found you (repeats)
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