The Life Lyrics

[Prodigy: talking]
Hey, hey, hey, hey
It's like this n****, yeah
Aiight before I get started spark up the Laurelton
Light up the night up, now let's get it going
To the m*********** top, I don't m*********** stop
Till we find life out there and setup shop
Party rocking, bottles popping at Henny and Mo'
It's like 500 b****** now we're having a bowl
Got a gun, screwdriver, a knife, and a shank
Plus I break face bones with my platinum rings
It's a ghetto love story I'm in love with life
Of the rich and Infamous, Ferrari's and Ice
Lamborghini bikes, they ain't make those yet
I'm still waiting for that 700 Benz
I do it for my n***** in the dead and in the pens
Just when you think this s***'s over
That's when this s*** begins
This the Bronx, this Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens
That 'New York State of Mind' where you're popping 'em thangs
[Chorus x2: Prodigy]
The violence don't stop
The beef don't seize
The money keep coming
The paper increases
The gun fire don't end
The people stay dying
So I'm a keep living the life
You d*** right

Murda, murda, the murder
Killa, killa, the killer
From Queens goddammit
I'm a menace to the planet
Put your body on that asphalt, f****** a******
Come to the hood and you ain't got no passport?
He couldn't get his gun out the stash fast enough
So that n**** got his a** blasted up
Keep the Hennessy coming, and we keep lighting up
n**** I stay sedated, that's right we're not cut
From the same cloth, you're chin-chilla soft
I'm brilla-pack cost, I'll take your skin off
You *edit* - rub me the wrong way
You're a suit and tie n****, P hoody all day
Tattoos and jewels - Mister Cartoon
And Gabriel in the district, get all my loot
I'm addicted to looking fresh
I'm super fly, got a bad habits for hammers
I'm in love with .9s
[Chorus x2: Prodigy]
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