Stop Fronting Lyrics

It's the return of the Mac-11, Mac-10 get up
Hennessy liquor, some weed and a ciga'
Ain't s*** changed but the diamonds got bigga'
Watch Mucho Frio, somethin' like a blizzard
Its summertime it's hot, and you ain't got no Freeon
I'm in the Bentley drop; to me you're a peon
You got neon lights underneath your Nissan
I got LeAnn Rimes passin' me the weed son
Doin' ten miles per hour through New York
Just ridin', b**pin' my new one
You act like I'm not that, n**** that pop that
Rounds at your top hat, Blazers and Slacks
f*** up your suit, send a couple of troops
That'll go find your friends and get them to you
Know the name; n***** call me Bandana
They wanna write me off, but my songs is bangers
[Chorus: 2X]
b**** +Stop Fronting+, you open off my chain
Open off my watch, open off my Range
n**** you fronting, you wide open off P
Off the words I wrote to the beats

Ayo, they talk s*** behind my back, smile at my face
They wanna hear what I hear and see what I see
P; the God Emcee, I got a bottomless pit
Sixteen, that's how I keep dropin' new s***
This radio station, rotation, n**** I just made this
I'm impatient, put my s*** out now, shut that other s*** down
This the Mixtape, imagine how the album'll sound?
I'm on tour with Mobb Deep, we out in Japan
Australia and then we doin' Madison Square
Then it's right back on the road with 50 and Em
Rappers upset we last more longer than them
At the club we gon' pop your lady if she's hot?
She see we on the top, now she starrin' at my rocks
I get in her box, and beat it up to socks
I mean f*** her brains out, 'til she scream "Please stop"
[Chorus: 2X]
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