Flowers Lyrics

like this blind flower
like a chaste maiden
like an innocent child
dreaming for dirty sin
like this blind beast
like a bee's stinger
like an innocent genius
craving for beauty
aoi hana, kage ni saku nara musou ni nare

like this blind flower
like a chaste Venus
like an infidel father
waiting for dirty sin
light and shadow,life and death
peace and pain,sun and moon
past and future,boys and girls
everything wants to get something
akai hana, mune ni sasu nara risou ni nare
dirty sins go to three thing
vice and fight and crime
virtue hate, reason of hate
vile hate with me and you
blooming gorgeous the lasting flowers
beauty lies getting death
why they falling down?
vice and fight and crime and dying
why they falling down side?
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Systems of Romance (1995)
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