Deceiver of Truth Lyrics

(Lies) children gather, I will show you the way
Self-fulfilling needs, not be estranged

Give to me your trust, don't be afraid
I am the chosen one for you I'll not betray
All I need from you are these things
Your eyes and ears but above all apostasy

(Truth) Beware of a false preaching faith
deceiver of truth he will take your life
A world in fear you fools believed
Now your death Is so easy to see

Through the mist, blackened ships
Sail to the shore
From the eternal sea we ignore

Proclaiming life but delivering death
Having seen and turned our backs
We shall regret
A terrible force in the air
Deceiver of truth to beware
Burning hatred lies at the core
Deceiver of truth visions of war

In my eyes now is the time
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