Together Forever Lyrics

Together forever in my heart
Together forever from the start
'Cause without you, I'd be feeling blue
So what's my soul supposed to do
Making love like a summer's breeze
A paradise you are sending me
Baby you put my soul at ease
With all those female harmonies
Fairy tale lover don't change the part
To where you are leaving with my heart
Fairy tale endings not to be
'Cause this love is reality
Baby you are an answer to a prayer
You are the vision of all I'm wanting
One look and you can satisfy
All of the dreams I'm dreaming,
Oh I don't want no other, I want your heart
Oh baby I' m pleading right from the start
Believing baby in you and me
Let's make love for eternity.
Heaven, I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven in your arms
Ooh I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven,
I'm in heaven in your arms
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