Never Again Lyrics

Hey you
My judge and my jury
Righteous lamb exciting my fury
Endless streams of your accusations
You've been trying my patience
Love is dead
But am I a killer?
It's a tale that turned to a thriller
Life goes on
With dawn and tomorrow
I'll spit back at my sorrow

No more obsession
And no more depression
Baby, never again!
You'll never touch me
And you'll never judge me
Baby, never again!
I'll never cheat you
And I won't mistreat you
Baby, never again!
I'll never want you
So I'll never hunt you
Baby, never again!
No more!
You've coped with your mission
I don't wanna dispel your suspicion
So be it!
You'll get no denial
I am standing my trial
Leave me be
And I'll keep my distance
Dragging out a wretched existence
Watch me fall
Fast liver or liar
Call me what you desire
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